How it all started…….

We always dreamed of becoming business owners one day, just didn’t know what it would be yet. Growing up in a big family and being surrounded by so many good cooks, we gained a lot of experience mixing different flavors and ingredients to achieve any tasty dish. As much as our family loved to eat, we also loved Boba! Our weekly family dinners would always end with a huge Boba Tea runs for dessert! Over time our family multiplied and grew to the point where it became unrealistic to purchase such large quantities week after week. One day we decided that we would make our own drinks at home! It became a challenge, and a fun activity that we can all enjoy as a family, which soon became the best part of our family gatherings! We started making drinks at events or gatherings for close friends and relatives and after a lot of improvements and feedback, it quickly became clear that this is something we want do for everyone! We wanted to be able to share this fun family tradition with the world, and most of all our drinks!

An idea ran, and we started trying out a few things. Before you know it, we had some pretty solid ideas that could actually work. To test out our ideas and most importantly the quality of our products, we signed up to become a pop up vendor at some local community events for that summer.
The love, support and feedback we received was proof and confirmation that we needed to make the next big move! So here we are today, fulfilling our dreams of making premium boba tea and specialty drinks. At Boba King, you’re not just a customer, you’re family!